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Name : A Nonny Moose
Comment Title : Ghost in the Shell Comments
Added at : 12/01/01 09:54:00

I think that Ghost in the Shell is a great anime, and has a very good storyline. Although, in my opinion, if you ever want to make a Ghost in the Shell 2, try to have less undressing in the DVD :)

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Posted by: Subject Date
  A Nonny Moos> Ghost in the Shell Comments 12/01/01 09:54:00
  ChetteTeng where is CCS movie 2? @.@ 03/06/02 02:50:41
  Hotaru Mononoke Hime 07/03/03 09:28:30
  Toyama Sachi Miyazaki movies. 08/08/03 05:51:03
  Amaya Maya >/... THEY DIDN'T PUT COWBOY BEBOP THERE! 01/01/04 04:54:43

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