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Misu's comments on supersteve00's Akira review

Name : Misu
Location : Ohio
Rating :
Comment Title : This needs some serious work.
Added at : 12/13/01 12:07:01

I love Akira. And when I say that, I mean I really LOOOOOVE the anime. I've been a fan since I've seen it, and it always drives me mad to see reviews that mention the impact of an anime by someone who wasn't there to see it. So basically, just stick to the content of the anime, quality of animation, etc. Personally, I would give this more than an A-, and as far as the anime is concerned, in animation and in plot, it's an A+. The manga is superb, the transition makes due for what it can and can't include without removing the spirit of the anime. In terms of the review, spell check first. If words are spelled incorrectly, you lose credibility, and as a reviewer, what you want most is for people to take what you have to say seriously :) After all, your job is to evaluate an anime, and let people know what they should be seeing :) - Misu

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Gre| ok review but........ 06/25/01 11:30:34
Misu This needs some serious work. 12/13/01 12:07:01
Kakohrononah> at least this review is closer to reality.... 09/07/03 12:50:58

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