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Tod - Blackburn's comments on cFodder's Lost Universe review

Name : Tod - Blackburn
Location : Mogadishu
Rating :
Comment Title : Very good review.
Added at : 03/20/07 01:23:24

Ignoring the satyrick message from vivi that seems to have a mental ilness, for he can only push three butons just to anoy people, the review pretty much covered every aspect. But one thing tough, I think it's strange to rate voice acting. Whenever I watch a serie, in the Japanese language I can hardly make a difference between two female voices. Most sound the same, especialy when they start to scream a lot. But, maybe I'm paranoid and can't tell the difference, hehehe. Anyway, good review.

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Tod - Blackb> Very good review. 03/20/07 01:23:24

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