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Gre|'s comments on supersteve00's Akira review

Name : Gre|
Location : Malaysia
Rating :
Comment Title : ok review but........
Added at : 06/25/01 11:30:34

I agree mostly, but the movie left out a lot of plots (after the explosion in Neo Tokyo, [Edited] Tetsuo's relationship to Akira, stuffs like that...) the animation is probably the best in what i`ve seen in any animation (us or japan) and the dubs are a bit weak.. but overall great review ^_^

[Edited to remove spoiler]

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Gre| ok review but........ 06/25/01 11:30:34
Misu This needs some serious work. 12/13/01 12:07:01
Kakohrononah> at least this review is closer to reality.... 09/07/03 12:50:58

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