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Name : Gauwain
Location : The Netherlands
Comment Title : Have High Hopes!
Added at : 07/27/03 05:47:07

I not only have high hopes for this, but high expectations too. They'd better do it right this time! I know there this is a potential hit, but it will needs lots of effort. Against all expectation, Peter Jackson did it with the Lord of the Rings, which proves it is possible!

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User comments
Posted by: Subject Date
  Saiki Otsune Ugh 07/18/03 03:57:44
  Adam K Meh, just meh 07/23/03 06:40:14
  Gauwain Have High Hopes! 07/27/03 05:47:07
  Saitoh Hope but questions 08/06/03 08:31:41
  Meeki probably check it out. 08/06/03 09:27:50
  Miki Sounds good 09/29/03 09:16:18

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