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Kakohrononahi's comments on supersteve00's Akira review

Name : Kakohrononahi
Location : Greece
Rating :
Comment Title : at least this review is closer to reality..
Added at : 09/07/03 12:50:58

i feel bad when i hear people talking about the movie saying.. "i didn't really get it.. i don't like it.." well at least what i would prefer those people do would be to ask what was all this about.. instead of giving anything less than perfect for the given time of production the technology used etc. etc. etc. and of course if they didn't understand it.. what gives them the right to write a review about it?? i won't say more.. this is just a comment.. but you get the idea..

a review is not about personal preference.. at least that's how i see it...

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Gre| ok review but........ 06/25/01 11:30:34
Misu This needs some serious work. 12/13/01 12:07:01
Kakohrononah> at least this review is closer to reality.... 09/07/03 12:50:58

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